Lone Star Drift Round 7 – jumping drift cars at 90 mph LOL!

Here is something slightly different for our videos, I have laid out nearly all of the competition runs for you to watch in order, with the names of the drivers, etc. This is a ton of work, but I hope you guys enjoy it! As the last event of the season, we shared the venue with Formula D which was refreshing, as our drivers got to drive at the same venue on the same weekend as all their heros, like Aasbo, Denofa, team RTR, HKG, etc. A bunch of Formula Drift Pro 2 dudes stayed and drove with us as well which was a lot of fun, and let our guys stack their drift cars against other more well prepared cars on stickier tires. It was a very interesting sight watching our drivers, some still loaded up with turbo SR20DET and KAT cars battle it out with 600 hp LS1 pro level builds and crazy 2JZ cars with 800 hp.

All in all the season went super well, we had tons of guests like Adam LZ and Taylor Ray come out and hang with us. We had tons of professional drivers types like Chelsea Denofa come drive with us as well. And we of course had our whole range of grass roots dudes come out and be a part of everything, and they are the real magic sauce! I love driving with these guys!

I will see everyone in 2019!