Could you HATE Elmer Telfair ?

This video starts with a quick reminder to never sleep on the goes gang VLOG! Zack met up with Cody and the 610 riders at Shady Jack’s Bar! We got some good breakfast in and hit the wheelie strip for warm ups! Super chill vibe, bikes were going crazy but staying out the way of cars. Then we transition to a “Hood Ride”. We’re all in STL to ride, so we pull out and ride all the time. Zack and Cody shred together! Zack gives a quick recap of the history of riders in the pack. We play on the court, and shred back to nightlife. Zack and his friends find a drunk homeless man and throw money at him when he tries tricks on a bicycle!

Elmer Telfair

Can’t blame it on the liquor

“Make love Till the early morning”

Everything Big Bodied

his Love Is Real- Freestyle

Music by Packy
God Given