Sample the largest drift car fleet on Earth – Power Vehicles

Welcome to the largest drift fleet in the world! When it comes to drifting, Power Vehicles has a handle on it. They run the largest fleet of drift cars in the world, and while I didn’t feature them all in this video, you get to see a sliver of their fleet. It is definitely the largest JZ fleet in the world as well, with so many 1JZ and 2JZ cars it is crazy. Probably 70 of them fit into this category.

Power Vehicles is famous for multiple reasons, not only is Andy Gray one of the best drivers in the world, but they operate a business out of Ebisu Circuit both giving people a chance to store and operate cars out of the facility, but also to ship JDM cars world wide.

Andrew Gray has multiple Formula D championships under his belt as well, and has competed in D1GP and D1SL.