WORLDS FASTEST CAR WINS $10,000!! ($1Million Top Secret Reveal)

You Decide What Car is The Worlds Fastest and Winner Gets $10,000 Cash Prize Money and Face Reveals TOP SECRET SuperCar and a change to win the ultimate challenge prize of $1Million from the unbreakable box!

Last Stephen Sharer family vlog “Mixture Mixture Sent to TOP SECRET LABORATORY for Evidence Testing!! (Twin POND MONSTERS Spotted)” Stephen and Grace forgot about the $1Million unbreakable box prize money and went back to the Lamborghini Sharerghini to find the safe hiding in the car. SO today, the Sharer family flew on an airplane to Houston, Texas to the Hennessey Performance Engineering which is this super epic American tuning house that specializes in modifying sports cars, super cars and even super rare hyper cars from several brands including Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Chevrolet, and Even Lamborghini! Knowing that. Stephen came up with the idea of having to decide and choose which car at the race car factory was the fastest, picking the worlds fastest car and racing it on a race track to find the winner of the $10,000 Money Prize!! And the winner of the $10000 dollars get to reveal the brand new super top secret Venom F5 Hypercar that can do 300mph faster than the Bugatti. With 24 hours to travel and only 5 minutes to decide which car would be the fastest, Stephen and Grace Sharer and John all searched for clues as to which vehicle to decide on. John picked a super rare Mclaren and Grace Sharer picked an awesome Cadillac and Steven Sharer decided on a super special and rare Corvette. Not knowing which car would be the fastest, the Sharer Family lined up for the worlds coolest family drag race challenge. First it was a Sis VS Bro challenge Stephen VS Grace and then it was everyone vs John. Who would win this #WorldsFastest challenge and get the ultimate #Money prize of $10,000? Well there is only one way to find out! Get ready to watch the most epic vlog ever!! And special thanks to Alex and the whole Hennessey Performance Engineering Family for having the Sharer Fam out to their factory!!

▶︎ Mystery Mixture Sent to TOP SECRET LABORATORY for Evidence Testing!! (Twin POND MONSTERS Spotted)
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