Bad Drivers Dashcam Compilation #297 – Road Rage, Very Crazy Driving and Close Calls

Welcome to compilation #297 featuring the worst drivers of St Helena, Napa Valley California and beyond. See the driving fails, the road rage, close calls, utter stupidity, horn honking, aggressive driving, traffic cheaters and the roadway drama we have to put up with every day.

In this exciting episode, featured are the towns and cities of Napa, St Helena, Guerneville and Fairfield. We also featured the cities, states, countries and regions of Albuquerque New Mexico, Elizabethtown Kentucky, Clinton Tennessee, Florida and Jerusalem Israel.

We start off with an old curmudgeon who simply does not care about his inconsiderate driving. He flips us off after honking at him and calling him out over the PA system loudspeaker. Then an entitled rich man in his Mercedes decides the rules don’t apply to him as he reverses through an intersection. We captured an exceedingly aggressive driver who speeds, nearly clips our bumper and drives wildly crazy as he makes an illegal pass. A young lady checks her phone while creating a traffic disruption.

A big rig driver cuts us off without any warning on the interstate. And then a crazy jerk passes traffic without enough space from oncoming traffic. And then I almost get sideswiped by a Caltrans van. An impatient idiot crosses into my lane and a stupid guy abuses a turn lane and painted island. A frustratingly slow driver won’t pull over or speed up as he impedes the flow of traffic. He gets a honk as we pass. Then we encounter a second slowpoke later that day.

A driver thinks it’s okay to partially block an active lane of traffic, to which we honk at him/her in front of a sheriff, but the cop doesn’t respond. We caught on dashcam a ton of last second decisions. In the submitted clips, there is a lot of crazy illegal passing, people on the wrong side of the road, someone blowing a stop sign, traffic cheaters and a very close call.

Overseas, a man runs a red light and an argument breaks out between two drivers over a merge conflict. I also include my personal mistake, and a single vehicle rollover accident aftermath. Enjoy the show!!




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