Learning To Drive Like a Professional | Is it Worth It?

In this documentary-style video we discuss driver education, training and safety along with the relevance to modern car and truck owners. We take a trip Bondurant High-Performance Driving School to talk with some of the most experienced teachers and instructors in the industry to find out the benefits of advanced driver education. With all of the talk of technology and upcoming autonomous cars do consumers need to learn all of the details? The cost of cars and trucks continually increase, Ford F150, Mustang, RAV4, BMW M3 etc, are far over $30k so the risks of costly damage and repair will continue to rise.

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00:00 – 2:21
2:21 – 5:03 Bondurant and The Classroom
5:03 – 10:14 The Classroom, Steering and Understanding Motion
10:14 – 13:04 The Skid Car and Driving Control
13:04 – 18:34 Trusting Your Teacher
18:34 – 21:51 Understanding the Car and Driving
21:51 – 24:33 Paying Attention and Using Vision
24:33 – 30:28 Working Hard to Drive Better
30:28 -32:09 Safety is More Than Just Tech
32:09 Final Thoughts