The Bad Drivers of Los Angeles 41

Category is: red lights don’t matter and aren’t real.

How many times do I have to be cut off in a day? The limit doesn’t exist. I’m genuinely exhausted, even today as I was going to work this guy literally went out of his way to roll down his window, pull up next to me, and flip me off. I literally just acted like I was taking a picture of him with my phone and he stopped real quick and tried to drive away. Obviously, we’re stuck in traffic so he basically moved 1/4 of a car length. If you want to be nasty be ready to play the game.

Just like I said at the end of my video, in semi bad quality sorry about that, I swear there isn’t any justice. Although nothing is quite satisfying like doing something completely illegal in front of a cop and seeing them get pulled over. Ahhh, instant karma is just sweeter. Anyways, I’m not convinced anyone ever gets pulled over for casually driving awful such as running red lights or making the worst lane change / merges of their lives.

I will say that if you get a red-light ticket in LA as long as you don’t look up the number in the system you don’t have to pay the ticket. Even if this just helps one of you one day I think this knowledge is important haha, look it up!

Until next time friends!