Harley-Davidson CVO Limited Review. THE BEST Touring Motorcycle on the Planet? We put it to the test


We review the new 2021 Harley-Davidson CVO Limited Touring motorcycle; the most expensive motorbike in Harleys lineup, and find out whether or not it is as good a touring bike as people say.
We ride it across the border form Wales to England, and back, and discover the essence of this motorcycle.
We look at the handling, steering, comfort, brakes, suspension, engine, satnav, stereo, luggage capacity, and two-up riding capabilities too.
Father and son team analyse the CVO in detail and relay this information to you, in their usual unique way. It is beautifully filmed in stunning locations in Rutland England.
This CVO Limited has the massive 117 ci v-twin engine and in this video you can get a really good impression of what it sounds like. You will see that it’s not a sluggish touring bike but also a hoot to ride!
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