The all new Harley Davidson Sportster S | The Muscle Custom Cruiser | First look and Test Ride


When tradition collides with ever increasing eco-friendly legislation, you have to make a courageous choice, break with the past and design something completely new, yet still remain true to your soul. This was clearly #Harley Davidson’s intention in designing and manufacturing the new #Sportster S which closed the production of the old Sportster, that was started in 1957.

00:00:00 Presentation
00:00:52 Adjustable 43 mil “upsidedown” Showa suspension
00:01:18 11.8 liter tank that reminds us of the iconic “peanut” shape of the old Sportster
00:01:53 A striking dual exhaust system with an aluminum heat guard
00:02:14 New 1252 cc TWIN REVOLUTION engine
00:03:58 Road Test
00:05:17 Our verdict