Bronco Bronze Part 3 | Harley-Davidson


Here’s the finale of the Bronco Bronze video series with Prism Supply and Dice Magazine for The Congregation Show happening this Saturday in Charlotte, NC at Camp North End. This incredible 1952 Panhead will be located at the Harley-Davidson Museum space, amidst lots of other incredible machines on display.​

​In the early ‘50s, Melvin Graham rattled people’s perception of racial barriers by owning a limited edition 152 Bronco Bronze Panhead during the Civil Rights Movement. Riding with confidence, he helped forge a path for the next generation of riders.​

After nearly 70 years, with the help of his two sons Derrek and Casey, Prism Supply, and DicE Magazine, the Panhead was restored to its original beauty and will live on and continue to represent Melvin Graham’s legacy, and his impact on the motorcycle community. ​

​See this motorcycle for yourself at The Congregation Show on October 9 in Charlotte, NC at Camp North End ➡️​

Filmed and Directed by: William C. Simmons