Tesla BUYING Harley Davidson – 2023 Leaked Photo and document


Tesla BUYING Harley Davidson – 2023 Leaked Photos and document. This will KILL all of the Harley Davidson models With the Tesla event and the Harley Davidson on the same day, something is going on. Tesla’s ever-growing need to move into new markets and Harlydavidson failure to meet the demand of its owners could change everything. We will see how the Harley Davidson 2022 model event goes but things are not looking good. Tesla news updates have shown they need this market and it would help Tesla stock today and Harley Davidson stock perform better. It is clear that electric motorcycles and electric cars such as Tesla are the future. Model 3, Model Y, Model X, and Model s have shown that Telsa understands this growing EV market. Harley Davidson’s selling of Livewire points to them looking to kill the old Harley Davidson to build a new future. Stay tuned for more motorcycle news as well as electric Vehicle news.

Jokes aside really looking forward to seeing Harley Davidsons 2022 models and see how they evolve.

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