Inside the Mind of a Harley-Davidson Designer – with Brad Richards


Matt sits down with Brad Richards the Vice President of Design at Harley-Davidson Motor Company. They talk about what it takes to Design for one of the most popular motorcycle brands in the world. Brad takes us through the design process and what goes into the style and design side of new motorcycles. Learn some “behind the scenes” info about some of the most popular models and most recent models to come out of Harley-Davidson’s factory.

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0:00 – Intro
01:47 – Job Responsibilities & Design Process
05:54 – Growing up and Design School
10:55 – Career after College
11:46 – Working for Ford
13:06 – Growing up in Detroit with Harley Culture
15:35 – Harley Edition Ford Trucks
16:08 – Working with Willie G
17:32 – Designing Motorcycles Vs Cars
20:03 – Designing LiveWire and Pan America
23:15 – Born Free and Vintage Harleys
32:27 – What’s in Brad’s Garage?
34:13 – The Low Rider S Behind the Scenes
40:40 – Pan America
48:18 – Sportster S
53:48 – Icons Collection Electra Glide Revival
57:54 – Gunship Gray Returns
1:02:01 – CVO
1:04:52 – Billiard Colors
1:06:37 – Fat Boy
1:08:11 – Land Speed Racing at Bonneville
1:09:02 – Further Faster 2022 Virtual Launch
1:11:39 – Outro and Good Bye

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